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Urea and Creatinine

Hello , I had my results last week and my urea was 67 on a scale of 10-40 and creatinine was 1.4 on a 0.7-1.2 range. Lately I was training very very intense and eating below my maintenance along with high caffeine intake in order to get ready for a fitness contest.I drink tons a water probably about 5-7 liters a day especially on my training days.I also suffered from low thyroid lately. Doctor put me on medication for thyroid but didn't seem to worry about urea and creatinine levels.I cut all the caffeine , cut the training in half and started eating more , in order to recover. My urine kinda smells like I ate asparagus which I didn't for weeks and color is a little bright yellow although I drink tons of water.What do you think is the problem , and what do you think should I do? Thanks.
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Hi there,
When BUN and creatinine are both elevated on a blood test it can be an indication of a kidney problem. A high protein diet, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and gout medications all can cause high BUN and creatinine.Dehydration, kidney stones, kidney disorders or bleeding from the digestive tract such as from a bleeding ulcer can also cause elevated values of these tests. Any test result should be correlated clinically.Consult a doctor for more queries and assistance. Do keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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