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Urostomy and kidney stones

My husband had bladder cancer in 2001 resulting in removal and external ostomy. Since 2003 he has suffered from repeatedkidney stones and high fevers from infection. He has had stones removed 4 times and is in the hospital, again.with another infection. This one involves pus in the kidney and surrounding sack. His right kidney, where all of the stones have been, is down to less than 25% output and may have to be removed. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be causing this and what the outcome might be?
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I eat eggs nearly every morning, but I only eat meat every few days, and stone breaker seems to have helped. I had surgery once for my left kidney, and it worked, but the sonar treatment I did for the right kidney did not. However, I'm down to one .6 mm on my right, after losing two there.  I say all of this because your husband may want to go on a vegetarian - no chicken or red meat - diet for a few months.Good luck, my friend.  
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