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Vitamin D

I take a multivitamin daily with 800 iu of Vitamin D.  I also recently added 4 gummy vitamin D's that total an addition 1200.  I have been hovering with a deficiancy of around 19... today I got the labs back and now I am down to 14.  My dr. said she needed me to add 50,000 iu weekly and then after a month go to doing the 50,000 iu once a month in addition to my normal daily 2,000.  

I am frustrated.  

I have hashimotos.  I was just increased from 88 to 100 mcg of Synthroid this week.  I feel my best with TSH around 1.5, but I had gone up to TSH of 3 on the 88.  

Is it possible to have my problem with Vitamin D be not completely caused by my thryroid?  Maybe malabsorbtion or kidney problems?  I have had two tests show I have protien in urine.  I have flank pain periodically.  I have high blood pressure, diabetes, high triglycerides and low HDL, and swelling of ankles and hands.  I often have stomach aches with multiple loose stools a day... so that's why I was also thinking possible malabsorbtion
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It is very possible since many of us with Medullary Sponge kidney disease also have low Vit D., However kidneys and thyroid are also closely connected.  Have you had a blood test to check your kidney function?

The way to tell if you have absorption issues if with a 24 hour urine and also one in which they test both urine and blood fasting then, after taking a supplement.  This requires saving all the urine for several hours after the test supplement is given to you.

Many had trouble absorbing synthetic Vit D.  My compounding pharmacist recommended that I take Cod liver Oil with my Vit D since the best sources for Vit. D next to the sun are in fish and fish oils.  With doing this we got my 14 to a 31 without the mega script doses of Vit d.. My kidneys are full of stones and there is a risk of increasing stones with a Vit D level that is too high too!

541196 tn?1293556536
Thanks Shelly!  I appreciate your feedback very much!
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