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What could be the problem? Reoccurring Kidney Pain.

I have had reoccurring kidney "infections" or pain for years, but never had a kidney stone.
When I was 17 I had an extreme infection that no one could diagnose (most likely cause I was so young and they wouldn't assume a kidney infection.) Following that, at age 20 I had another burst of similar back pain on my lower left side which I thought could be my kidney, I was nauseous and eventually went to the E.R and they gave me antibiotics for a kidney infection, again, I was fine.
A few months later, same situation, given antibiotics and it went away.
No blood in my urine, no other symptoms just a strong pain in my lower left side of my back, that won't go away.
Now, age 21, I have had a small amount of pain in my lower left back. I have stopped drinking everything but water and the pain has subsided.
I notice after drinking wine the pain is more severe or under a lot of stress or anxiety it flares up.
I drink diet pepsi as if it was my life serum so this could contribute as well.
Aren't I too young to be having this problem so frequently, if not AT ALL?
I am just looking for answers.
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