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What creates kidney stones

What would the probable main cause of Kidney stones in a 50 Year old female, considered to be in general good health?

What treatment should be considered once the stones are gone?
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That could be a number of things.

- Diet/Lifestyle
- Runs in the family
- Body producing too much calcium

They usually ask you to strain your pee so you can catch a kidney stone and so they can see what kind it is. From there, they try coming up with some sort of treatment that will prevent future stones.
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at first you should avoid using tea and diary products.they worsen it.
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Hi. There could be so many causes. You need to find a Nephroligist and do some tests to really know the cause. They will do 24 hour urines that really help so much. If you are able to "catch" a stone do so than it can be analyzied to find what components it is made of..... Best Cara
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PS ..... Treatment will depend on what the 24 hour urine bags show. There may be a medication for you!!! Cara
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