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Ten years ago I was dx with a Medullary spoange kidney, I have passed 50 stones to date.  I am 34.  I'm currently have pain in my right kidney with no signs of stones in ureters or infection.  My Dr requsted an IVP to dx the sponge kidney theory.  Findings:  Scout views reveal some tiny calcifications overlying the collecting structures of the right kidney.  The left is more obscured by bowel.  Contrast media is injected, 100cc of 300 are given and serial view of the abdomen obtained.  There is symmetric opacification of the kidneys.  Overall the renal contours are unremarkable.  There is no evidence of loss of renal cortex.  There is no hydronephrotic change.  Ureters are normal in caliber and position.  The partially disrended urinary bladder is unremarkable.  The view obtain after voiding demonstrates complete emptying of the bladder.  Impression:  Nephrolithiasis on the right.  Otherwise normal appearing kidneys and drainage systems.  Normal appearing bladder with complete emptying.

CT scan reported bilateral nephrolithiasis without evidence of ureteral calculus
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what does low glom filt rate mean
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