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Why am in kidney failure and all of my bloodwork off?

I am a 70 year old man and I was admitted into the hospital March 28 because I was in renal failure. At that time my BUNN was 123, Creatinine 5.98 and GFR 8. Meanwhile as you can see from results below, it wasn't the only this wrong. They said it was acute renal failure and I should just be patient for numbers to get better.  Here are all of my results now and not one doctor can give me answers as to why this is all happening .I reviewed all of my blood results and all of my bloods work has been bad since 2013.  The kidney failure and results have me questioning more and wanting answers. They just want to monitor to see if they get better.

WBC 3.7
RBC 3.45
Total Hemoglobin 10.4
Hematocrit 31.4
Red Cell Distribution Width  17.5
Creatinine 3.06
GFR 20
Chloride 108
Potassium 6.03
CO2  16
Calcium  8.3
Total Protein  5.9
Albumin  3.2
Alkaline  Phosphatase  120
Albumin Electrophoresis  2.8
lGA  463
IGM  37
lg Kappa Free Light chain 131.3
lg Lambda Free Light Chain  70.9
Kappa/Lambda FluidC Ratio  1.85
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According to your test results, your kidney has entered CKD4 and has entered the stage of kidney failure. How is your heart check? Do you have diabetes? Western medicine treatment can only be dialysis or kidney replacement, but Chinese medicine can treat kidney disease. If you have any questions, please consult my assistant WhatsApp: +8618233120311
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