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Why do I have stabing pain in blader and kidney with non-obstructive stones?

39 yr old male.  History of kidney stones.  Began experiencing pain in bladder when attempting to urinate.  Felt constant urge to go but strained to pass urine.  Pain and urgency persisted for about eight hours even after aggressively drinking water (thought it might have just been due to dehydration).  After about eight hours, I felt the familiar stabbing pain in my left kidney region.  I went to the ER and was given toradol.  After about an hour after receiving the toradol and fluids intravenously, I was finally able to urinate and provide a sample.  The test showed blood, but no infection.  Followed up with urologist after CT scan with contrast.  CT showed three non-obstructive stones in the left kidney (where I described the pain prior to imaging).  There appears to be a small vascular calcification on the left side of the prostate which appears otherwise normal (4.95cm).  Left ureter appears slightly more dilated than normal but with no observable blockage. The bladder wall looks normal as well.  I have not captured a stone when urinating (using strain provided by urologist), but pain persists after image showed now obstruction.  I don't believe I passed a stone prior to receiving the strain.  I am familial with the sensation of the stone breaking free of the ureter and the subsequent relief.  I am concerned this may have more to do with the prostate, as the bladder regen is where the pain began and still persists, but I keep getting told I am too young to worry about an enlarged prostate at this point.  Still no infection as of last urine sample.
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