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Why severe abdominal bloating with small kidney stones?

Have had moderate to extremely severe pain for 30 years under left ribs and below. The only time it is absent is on long term ABX treatment for other reasons-Lyme disease. Pain diagnosed as IBS, diverticulosis(itis). Last 5 years (happens at least once a year for a couple of months), has been accompanied by severe abdominal bloating, unwell, nausea, sweating, etc. Always treated as diverticulitis (do have sigmoid diverticulosis), with short (usually repeated) rounds of ABX. Have had CTs when severe symptoms still present. CT's always shows no sign of active diverticulitis and nothing else but cortical scarring on left kidney.  Emerg visit this month showed (big surprise) on CT, two left kidney stones 2-3 mm, one in kidney and one between bladder and kidney. This is the first time CT has been done laying on stomach.  If part of this has been kidney stones all along, why might I be getting severe abdominal bloat with these episodes? I have not passed stone yet (week 3) but put on Flomax 3 days ago and bloat seems to be reducing. Thanks for your suggestions.  
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doctors here in America are so so so so much Dumb trash
I signed up to get med help not listen to people trash doctors
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for 30 years and the doctors cant fig it out its so ******* dumb i think all this doctors should be fired and the all US should hire good doctors smart not ******* dumb people who cant diagnos why you have in pain for 30 years
I have sadly experienced more than my share of QUACKs over my decades. Took 23 years to Dx MS, actually over 40 counting obvious red flags. Many QUACKs can not tell the difference between type-1 & type-2 diabetes. I could go on, and on with many examples.

To be fair, there are also good & even a few very good ducktors. if ya can fine'em
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I can’t explain why exactly this happens. I have one kidney that gets new kidney stones every year. Every year around the time I need surgery I get a really puffy face and gain some weight. I just had surgery yesterday and the puffiness has gone down and the weight will as well.  I would assume it is just water retention because your kidney is being blocked off because of the stone.
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