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achey muscles related to CKD?

Hi there I just started seeing a nephrologist last week.  He told me based on my elevated creatining/loweGFR for the past 8 months or so I have stage 3 CKD.  We're still working on finding out what kind, and what's causing it.  Had a renal ultrasound yesterday, and blood and urine tests last week.  If the US looks normal than I will prob need a biopsy.  Anyway, I have had VERY achey muscles (neck, back arms, legs) for the past 4 days now.  I do have a very physical job, but it's never caused this before.....I mean my body is used to the work I do, and I haven't done any new exercises, or workouts recently either.  Since I'm very new to CKD game, I was wondering if any of you "veterans" would know if this is something that could possably be caused by that?  Have any of you experienced this before?  Any advice is welcomed. :)

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

The muscle aches could be related to kidney failure. In kidney failure as metabolic wastes build up in the blood, people may feel fatigued and generally weak and may become less mentally alert. Some have a loss of appetite and shortness of breath. It can also cause damage to muscles and nerves, this  can cause muscle twitches, muscle weakness, cramps, and pain.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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