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any suggestions

Hi guys not been oin for a while...anyway...heres my story and if any erally nice Dr's read this ur input is greatly valued....andyway as per my post going back last year this dull pain on my back and ribs is now growing out of all proportion....ive had CT scans ive had blood tests ive had IVU i've had god knows how many  stays in hospital....my problem is this...in the 16 months ive been in constant pain NOT ONE person has given me a diagnosis as to what i actually have....i am seeing a therapist cause to be honest i'm having some disturbing visions of basically my own death i can visualise this happening its like a video recording i can see....all because this  pain is driving me nuts...it hurts everytime i breath and sometime i just sit there and i just feel so ill that i wanna give in and end it all.......please can someone help me i'm falling apart with worry......up until 16 months ago i was such a outgoing person...now 90% of the time i cant be asked to get out of bed.....this is really not like me...i just feel so weak and ill all the time....please guys any suggestions....

symptoms are
dull pain left side (back) which radiates aroiund to front when i breath in
pain going to testicles sometimes sharp but mainly a dull pain again
general feeling of being unwell
Body tremors and shaking

have been diagnosed with IBS but i'm taking colpermin for this
curent medication
Tramadol (for pain relief) DONT WORK!!!

please guys any suggestions i am all ears

Best regards Dean
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You have mentioned of having had some scans and blood tests done. Were there any signficant  findings in the results?

I know that your are highly anxious about your condition.The dull back pain associated with breathing may be costochondritis or inflammation of the cartilages ( connective tissues) in the ribs. This may present as sharp pain localized  over a certain area in the chest and may be aggravated by deep breathing and palpation of the area.

The testicular pain may have several differentials.This may be referred pain from a travelling ureter stone ( in your case this must have been ruled out if tests were normal), a testicular infection or a nerve related problem in the area.

I understand that this may be difficult and frustrating at the same time.Disease  processes have accompanying psychological and organic causes.It is best to maintain a positive and proactive attitude.Depression and anxiety may aggravate your condition and may even prolong healing and recovery. Engage in mild to moderate exercises.Learn a new hobby or try to cultivate old ones. Do not allow your condition to overcome you.
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Hi venessa tnx for ur words of support.....i'm findng it really difficult to keep positive in fact its almost impossible...i have been in this condition for the last 18 months now and to be honest i'm crawling the walls sometimes.......whats getting to me more than anything is that i've NOT been told whats wrong with me.....i'm patrolling all dif websites then they give me conclusions.....and thats making me worse caues i'm automatically thinking that *thats* whats wrong with me...i really feel as if my life is coming to a end.....i cant take anymore..i really cant i've tried now i just wanna give up.....theres not been one day that i havent been in pain....the health service in this part of the world in my opinion *SUCK*.....all they do is give u pain killers and send u home....only recently ive been put with a really nice Dr called jayne Bartram...shes ordered all the tests from blood to X-ray to even having 2 weeks ago a IVU...but they all came back as normal...i just would love to know whats wrong with me......
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Your tests came back negative, Would you know if thyroid function tests were done? In you case a CT scan of thoracic and lumbar spine may help rule out any underlying spine problem.

Your symptoms are not very specific. That is they may be caused by other factors aside from a possible kidney disease. Musculoskeletal, hormonal and genitourinary ( involving urinary tract and reproductive organs ) should be considered. Psychological factors such as an anxiety disorder may also be considered. It is best to be evaluated thoroughly .Your case may not be something very urgent. However, further tests are needed to rule out these differentials. Discuss this with your physician
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hi there tnx again for ur words of support and advice when this first started they said it could me umm if i get this right i will be amazed a neuromuscular or  Musculoskeletal disorder....they put me on a tablet called LODINE (sr) which i had a reaction to.....i ended back in casualty with a swollen face so i had to have drugs to reduce the swelling
as far as i know no thyroid tests was done i have only had below my neck to my groin area scanned ......
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hi venessa spoke to my local GP Dr Bartram...she informed me that all the tests that could be done have been done..i mentioned the tests u mentioned and shes informed me yes those have also been done with negative results....for my depression ive been given a course of CYMBALTA, but i've taken teo (one per day) as recommended but i'm feeling nausea's all the time so i;'m gonna stop taking them....shes akes for me to go see heer again in 4 weeks time, or if thigs get worse....
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You are welcome.

Have you informed your physician with regards to your plans of stopping your medications. It is important to inform your physician about this as these medications do have their side effects and it may not be advisable to stop them abruptly.

Also, if a musculoskeletal cause has been a primary differential for your condition, I suggest that you ask your physician to change your pain relievers. Have you had a scan of the spine done? What were the results?

Was a urinalysis and urine culture done to rule out any underlying urinary tract infection?

These are baseline tests that are necessary to help your physician focus on the most likely cause for your condition.

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hi venessa sorry i havent beenon for a while feeling quite down and depressed at the moment....umm a quick update for you....the pain in my ribs has gone however the numb pain i'm getting in my back is still there and my stomach is well lets just say *horrific*....i went to the local hospital twice in one night and doctors said IBS and sent me home.....this is the only answer they wanna give me...and thats it....my GP Dr Bartram is exusting all methods to try and find out whats going on....i'm also been talking to my friend Dr A.Stutski....he gonna have a look when i see him next however hes working away atm....but seriously if i cant find a answer soon the way i am feeling i'm afraid that i may do somehting stupid..i cant go on like this 2 years without a answer  their telling me whats NOT wrong but they aint teliing me what IS wrong....i know doctors are wonderful people and you do a fantastic job but after two years of not knowing whats wrong i'm getting disheartened day by day......i will gladly fax all the information for anyone to look at if you leave me numbers i really need to know whats going on...all scans  / tests that i have had including a feacal sample 3 days agot came back as negative......as i said i'm more than willing to fax anyone the info i have had from my GP...best regards Dean
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hi again as to my symptoms they are as following
pain when going to toilet
Really bad smelling stools
Abdominal pain
Loss of appetite
Abdominal sounds heard over the intestine like a gurgling or splashing sound
weight loss and gain
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