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blood n urine..no stones

hey guys! The site has helped me out many a times..with all the info and experience everyone post. cheers!

Sunday night I got real sick..threw up..then passed out. I had pain like I've never had before. left back and lower groin. It was so bad I was on my knees crying! Went to er. Urine showed visible blood. They said oh your probably having kidney stones. Ugh. Ct scan found no stones. They checked me then for cysts and gave me an ultra sound..came back negative.

The pain was coming in waves with lots of pressure in my back. The nurse said my urine had some bacteria in it..but they doubted I had an infection.

Today the pain is ALOT less but I can still see blood in my urine and there's alot of pressure in my back.

Im going to see the urologist (sp?) today. What should I expect? I mean of course you guys can't see the future. But I'm wondering if urine in the blood and the type of pain I'm having could be an infection although they said there wasn't much bacteria in my blood. If I had stones they would have shown in the CT scan right? I guess I"m nervous..and just needed to vent a little as well. Anyone ever experience blood in urine without stones showing up or alot of bacteria present?

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No not entirely... I am 38 weeks pregnant today and at 34 weeks I was hospitalized for a kidney stone. Just because they don't see one in your kidney, doesn't mean it's not there....I had an ultrasound of my kidneys done and was told that my right kidney was swollen to 3 times it's normal size which indicated there HAD been a stone there..... It's quite possible that you do have a stone but it's no longer in your kidney ...
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