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blood test result help needed

hi there,
i have been having ongoing problems with nausea over the past month.  the first week was the worst, ending in seriously sharp lower back, stabbing pains that lasted maybe an hour on and off?
since then, i have been diagnosed with candidiasis, but also recently had blood work and urine tests done.  my gp said all was 'normal', but as i have a gastro appointment this week, i requested a copy to take.  this is where my issue arises.  on the se-iron studies/se-elect/urea/creat, se-l test, some areas are eith marked *high* or *low* which i dont understand?  
they are -
eGFR 89 / Anion Gap 25 High
T Protein 81 High
Albumin 52 High

then at the bottom of the page it suggests that my gp may talk to me about investigation for chronic kidney disease?  i'm taking these results with me to the gp again this coming week as well as the gastro, but can anyone here help me out?  i have had some more mild lower back pain the last few days too, but my menstrual cycle is also due so not sure what is causing it this time?

also, protein TRACE found in urine?

still some nausea every other day.  eating a strict anti-candida diet atm too.  i lost nearly 6kg in 2 weeks with this and can't put it on again?
thanks in advance :)
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The values marked high and low are indicators of how efficiently your kidneys are filtering the waste products in yor body.
Chronic kidney disease most often results from any disease that causes gradual loss of kidney function. It can range from mild dysfunction to severe kidney failure.
Since the blood test parameters are not markedly abnormal your GP would like to rule out any cause in the GIT which is causing the nausea.
IN any case if that turns out to be normal you will be further investigated for kidney disease.
The pain could be either menstrual cramps or due to kidney problems if you have been having it for some time now.
Wishig you a speedy recovery either way.God bless.
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