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cure for kidney disease

I want to thank Dr. Thomas Fandez and the entire management of
Thomas Fandez Medicial Services for their life saving cocount water that cured
my wife's kidney diseases,the doctor told me there was little she could
since despite all the chemo and radiation,she wasn't
responding to treatment.so a friend of mine came to our rescue by
ordering this cocount water from Dr. Thomas Fandez medicals services which he
said Dr. Thomas Fandez has been helping patients fight against kidney diseases of various
types so we decided to give it a try,so far my wife is improving very
well and presently she can walk around the house all by herself. the cocount water has help in cleanse the urinary tract and the bladder canals,crash’’ the kidney stones. i felt
it's necessary i let others especially those suffering from this acute
disease that once you have a good original cocount water,it can really give a
second chance at life.if you happen to be in dying need of this cocount water,you can contact the foundation who supplied us with this
email:dr.***@**** good luck.
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sir what is the exact email address where I write for this water I am 47 yrs young male Romanian with pkd with 3 little kids my creatine is 3.4 and I am not sleeping at night
help out please
god bless
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50 yrs old Romanian male with 3 small kids family passed away due to kidney failure after having transplant, I have seen it all on them dyalisis transplant you name it, I inherited pkd my creatine 13 yrs ago was 2.0  today is 7.2 my dr said I need dyalisis I don't know I am too afraid, I don't smoke I don't have any symptoms I don't know what to do?? anyone anyone out there have a solution for me??
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