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cyst on right kidney

I found out froma C.T. scan, that Ihave a small cyst on my kidney?SHOULD I BE WORRIED ABOUT THIS? I am not saying this is cancer. But I am worried.
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I have had cysts on my kidneys before, but was told they are harmless. I have no idea what causes them, but I do have chronic kidney stones, and some other health problems.
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Renal cysts are usually asymptomatic and management of the cyst would depend on how it was seen based on the scan.

In your case, do you have any associated symptoms of abdominal or flank pain?

Renal cysts when simple and when no associated symptoms are present may not require further evaluation. Unless they are large and becomes symptomatic, most of them do not require further intervention.

I understand that you may be worried about this. I suggest that you discuss this with your physician. It is necessary to have the results of the scans with you for future reference. Renal cysts are very rarely diagnosed as  renal cancer. I hope this offers some relief.

By the way, how old are you?

Anyone in the family with a similar condition?

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How old are you ?

When you say you had cysts on your kidneys before, would you mean polycystic kidney disease or a simple renal cyst?

Renal cysts may be a manifestation of an underlying disease process or in most cases are simply isolated and incidental findings. They may have an underlying genetic cause as in the case of polycystic kidney disease.

Renal cysts usually do not present with symptoms. Unless they are large, ruptured or impinge on nearby structures, then they may become symptomatic.

At this point , there seems to be no association between polycystic kidney disease and kidney stone formation.

Do you have any associated symptoms of nausea, vomiting or severe abdominal pain?
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I notice that you have the medical symbol by your name, but you are not listed in the Doctors list. Yet, you give information and ask questions of almost everyone. What are your qualifications to have the medical symbol without being in the doctors list?
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