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hereditary kidney failure

Hi all,

New to the forum, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but fingers crossed.
My mum passed away 2 1/2 years ago from Kidney failure (actually it was due to infections she got in hospital but that's a different story), 2 of her family (one of her brothers sons and her sisters daughter) have been diagnosed with the same type of kidney failure and the doctor has told us that this type of kidney failure can be hereditary.
I get checked every year to make sure my blood pressure isn't fluctuating which is apparently the only test they can do for this kind of failure.
My fiancée and myself are considering having a child but we're worried that I might pass something onto any child that I have. My question is, how do I go about finding out what the % risks are of a child of mine having the same kidney failure which my mum and cousins have / had.  Is there any way of finding out, or is it just the luck of the draw?
I have a brother and a sister and none of the 3 of us have any signs of the kidney failure, the 3 people who have / had it all got it between the ages of 28 and 32.  I am currently 31 and my brother and sister are 33.

Hope someone can help point me in the right direction.


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