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kidney and bladder

hello i am 22 year old female i have renal and adnexal cyst on my left kidney i have compensatory enlargement  of left kidney.i was born with one kidney. lately i have been haveng left upper side pain constantly and i always feel bloated wether i eat something or not. i  always feel nauseated and my back tends to hurt and sometimes it's hard for me to sit up. i have numbness in my hands and my legs are always hurting i had a cat scan and my findings are listed above. when i pee i feel like i still have to pee when i dont and i feel pressure in lower abdomen.i am having a ultrasound down this week and i am having a cystoscopy and cystometrograph and a bladder biopsy next week i am really worried i just wondering what could be causing all of this.  if you guys could give me a little insight it would be very much appreciated. thank you in advance and any ideas will be helpful
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You certainly need a nephrologist for your kidney problems.  The fact that you have a kidney cyst strongly suggests that you might also have nephritis from a kidney infection.  Because of your other signs/symptoms this could be a systemic infection.  Sometimes these are difficult to pin down, and most physicians essentially give up trying to find a cause, if an immediate cause can't be found.  If nothing infectious can be easily found in the biopsy, your physician should consider a number of stealth infections (viral and bacterial) that often go undetected but can cause systemic signs and symptoms.
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Hello  i have been dx with lupu sle and ra  with renal levels at 1.14 and i see black dots  i was dx with lupus in 08 . i can not see the speicalist until june 2010. Iam also with meds for my lupus as of the 14 th of jan.
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