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kidney infection or kidney stones?

hello after havi in pain in my back for months and nothin bieng done apart  from bieng told gentle excersize and gieven tablets i ended up at emergancy docs last night thru the pain i always have terrible back pain in my right side lower then other day my left side upper from nowere started and it was like i had been stabbed.i couldnt sleep on ither side sit down or anything. anyway it got worse  and i was feelin tired sick urinating loads and feelin dizzy.
he tested my urine he said there was loads of blood in it so asked if i was on my period (im not) he said possible kidney infection or kidney stones.  was given anti b and told keep my sample in fridge overnight and take back to docs in morn for test . if it comes back clear of infection then request scan on my kidneys.
im just confused on that part as i thought blood meant infection?

today though its not to bad the pain seems to come and go alot but i always am in pain at some point of the day.and i am havin emmense pressure in my pelvis though thats a new thing.
so what do you think?
thankyou. T xx
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blood in urine could mean a stone is passing the only way to confirm this is a x-ray or even better is a ct scan not sure why it was not done in the er.I get blood in my urine when the stone is passing from kidney to ureters this is also when pain is at its worse a stone could also cause a uti and or kidney infection.Even if there is a infection i would ask for a scan  just to make sure there is no stone hope you feel better
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thanks well urine come back today no infection.
so to go back in morn discuss results.
what do you think this means then stones?
i have so much pressure down there so im surprised its not a infection.
t xx
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it probably a stone there can be a stone without  infection it 50/50 with me sometimes infection with stone and sometimes not.The pain moves when the stone moves depending were stone that's were the pain is if you feel pressure down there the stone my have moved to bladder i would strain urine to look for the stone if it is in bladder sometimes the ct scan will not see it
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