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kidney infections ??????? some advise please

i have had chronic recurrent kidney inefections with protein in urine always what could this be will i die ??????
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The most common cause of kidney infection is the backward flow of infected urine from the bladder to the upper urinary tract. Bacterial infections also may be carried to one or both kidneys through the bloodstream or lymph glands from infection that began in the bladder. Kidney infection also  results from urine that becomes stagnant due to obstruction of free urinary flow. A blockage or abnormality of the urinary system, such as those caused by stones, tumors, congenital deformities, or loss of bladder function from nerve disease, increases a person's risk of pyelonephritis. Other risk factors include diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, chronic bladder infections, a history of analgesic abuse, paralysis from spinal cord injury, or tumors.  

If left untreated or unresolved, it can progress to a chronic condition that lasts for months or years, leading to scarring and possible loss of kidney function. This is why it is important that you have the infection treated. Urinate frequently, and drink plenty of fluids at the first sign of infection. Women should void after intercourse which may help flush bacteria from the bladder.

With regards to the protein in your urine, other tests such as a urine analysis and a measurement of serum creatinine and creatinine clearance may also be done to check kidney function. Take care and regards
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738333 tn?1232967475
Thanks for the reply i had a kidney scan when i was pregnant which revealed that my right kidney where i get the pain is slightly bigger with urine around it what is this ? and causes this ???? please reply im at witts end worrying
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