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kidney pain

Hi I'm a 23 years old female. I have been experiencing strong pain on my left side on the back for the last 6 months. last month I had a crisis with a lottt of pain and went to doctor. did some test, urine came with bit of blood and infection. they send me home with pain killers and antibiotics. 2 weeks later same pain , another antibiotics for 7 days. today I'm having same pain but stronger. I don't know what to do , hurts a lot and nauseas are killing me. please help
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Have your creatinine and BUN checked. If the infection is persistent, you should be admitted. Taking strong antibiotics might further hurt your kidneys.
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I had Almost exact symptoms last year and was sent home from hospital and told it was not an issue for A&E.  I actually had a damaged uretha caused by an abscess burstingabove my left ovary which caused sepsis.  I was extremely ill and ended up having a uretal stent for the past year and a total abdominal hysterectomy including ovaries in May of this year.  Keep pestering the doctor!!  
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