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kidney stone bladder spasms

I started having bladder spasms on Sunday and by Monday had excruciating pain in my back etc.  I was diagnosed with a kidney stone.  It is small...3mm.  The CT scan showed the stone to be about 4" above my bladder.  I've experienced kidney stones before...starting at the age of 10, I think this is my 4th time having kidney stones.  (I'm now 47...female)  I don't remember experiencing such painful bladder spasms before although my memory is a bit fuzzy, as the last time I had them was about 30 yrs ago.  What causes these spasms?  I do have an infection also, but even with past infections my bladder has never spasmed this much.  I've been getting chronic bladder infections for about a year now.  I'm currently living in Puerto Rico which is difficult because I don't speak much spanish.  I do have an appointment with a specialist next week.  So, basically, I'm wondering why such painful bladder spasms and how long the average time is to pass a stone?

Thanks very much!

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