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kidney stone pain in penis

My husband has a history of kidney stones (like his father who has suffered with them for over 30 years).  This time however, he didn't experience the pain in his side, back or abdomen.  Instead he has pain in the tip of his penis.  He doesn't believe he has passed the stone yet but has not been straining his urine (strainer is lost - been a while since last stone).  Is it possible he passed the stone and the pain is the remnants of this?  He is not vomiting nor does he have fever. Is there anything else he can do to help pass the stone if it is still there (other than drink water)?
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If you're not seeing a Urologist (sp??), here are some natural methods of helping:
I'm 68yo and have never had a kidney stone, but I have been drinking a mixture of ACV & water for about 15-20yrs... is it the remedy?? I have no proof, but possibly so !?!?
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I have the same problem.  I have a pain at the tip of my penis and some cramping pain in my back sides and abdomen. The most troubling is the pain at the tip of my penis.  My urologist told me I have blood  in my urine and he scoped me into my bladder and said all looked clear.  I am next having a CT with resolutionon my kidneys.  I have been uncmfortable or a month and I am sure I have some stone or syst.  Until i read your post, I didnt know the relation to kidney stones of your penis.
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