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kidney stone

Hi, i had a renal colic and went through a series of urine tests and had a high amount of RBC in the urine. Later took Xray and USscan non of which showed any signs of a calculi excpt the final CTkub (Non ivu) which showed a 4mm stone. The dr.prescribed Urimax and thank the lord, the stone passed out in almost 30days. During which time i also concurrently developed similar pains on the other side but was ruled out there cant be a stone as the CT did not indicate so. Now since the stone on the other side has passed out, i took another urine test to see if there is a sign of a stone (by analysing the RBC) but the report shows NIL RBC. Since the pain occurs on an off, could i be developing or having a stone someweher in the kidney or ureter??? Do i have to have RBC in urine to rule out that there is a stone... Please advise as this is a mental trauma until ruled out..
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How are you? About 10% of stones do not have enough calcium to be seen on standard x-rays. These radiolucent stones can be seen in an ultrasound or CT of the kidneys.
Pain usually returns if the stone moves but re-obstructs in another location. Patients are encouraged to strain their urine so they can collect the stone when it eventually passes This is then sent for chemical composition analysis which will be used along with a 24 hour urine chemical analysis test to establish preventative options. Over-the-counter pain medications may help. However, if it persists, i would recommend that you have this evaluated further by your doctor.

Take care and do keep us posted.
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Hi hope this gets to u.  I had Renal Colic which lasted about 30hrs,pain but amazing pelvic pressure,constant peeing,blood in the water and small clots on whiping.  I know l passed a stone or stones as at one stage on peeing l felt really strong contracting like feeings in my uretha and looked down to see brown stains/streaks in the toilet.  After that the pain and pressure to pee stopped,was only left with sore back/side like l had brusing which has since gone.   Doctor did kidney ultrasound 5 days later which showed a non obstructing 8mm stone in the Right kideny upper pole,slight prominence of the right kidney pelvis was also evident but no other obstructions of unusual findings.  I have been told that nothing is to be done,l've also had random bloods performed for the usual over 40 tests,including calcium/diabetes/cholestoral etc etc all have come back perfect.
Obviously my concern is that l've passed a stone/stones and that this one is 8mm,how will l pass that!!! My doctor says nothing will be done until l get pain and l will get pain as soon as it's starts to move,he says it could be there for ages and may have infact already been there for a long time.  I guess l just keep drinking heaps etc and avoid any other stones forming.......???Y do people Dr's take such a casual view to kidney stones when renal colic is so painful and for some soooo chronic.
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