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kidney stones and hi urine/blood calcium

Maybe I can get some help here!  I started experiencing forgetfullness, fatigue, thought it might be my thyroid.  I found out I have nodules but TSH levels are normal.  Then, started having back pain that increased to being doubled over in pain in the middle of the night.  Found out I have kidney stones.  Now suffering from kidney stones, mental confusion, lack of motivation (mild depression), heart palpitations, dizziness/faint feeling.  My urine calcium is 416, my blood calcium is 10.2, and my PTH is 23.  Wondering if I have hyperparathyroidism?  My urologist put me on thiazide and wants me to watch sodium intake-I'm not a salt person anyway so this is easy.  My blood pressure seems to be creeping up a bit as well.  I would appreciate any help!
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I have hypoparathyroidism as a result of thyroidectomy due to cancer. It went undiagnosed for years. I can tell you that i had mental confusion, major memory issues, so I know it can lead to a lot of symptoms like you mentioned. It's rare so doctor's don't seem to know a lot about it. For me, I had to add vitamin d and felt enormously better, but again mine was the opposite of yours. You will have to be your biggest advocate, keep all labs and mark on them what meds you are taking, and how you feel. I hate it when they say "normal range".  You have to find what's normal for you. Read a lot!  I wished I had changed doctors years earlier, so if you aren't getting answers get 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions!! I started having bad back pain yesterday, it hurts to breathe, let alone move! I am waiting on lab work that I just had this evening, not sure what was ordered, but I hope there is an answer for me! I wish you the best!!
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