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kidney stones form if

if we delay toilet to pass, is stones form in our kidney ? when we nt go to toilet at the time sometimes in traffic and in busy areas no toilets area, what happened when we delay ? is stones form in our kidney.............?by vinay kumar
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Hi there,
Urine is mainly a salt solution with other waste products. When we do not pass urine when we want to there is enhanced pressure in the urinary bladder which makes the urine concentrated. This concentrated urine forms a precipitate forming crystals which are stones. This can further lead to obstruction of urine flow which further is increases the toxin load of the bloodstream and can cause metabolic problems. It also inhibits water and salt elimination, and can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease. You should not hold your urine for long and pass it when you feel like. Drink plenty of water every day. Do keep us posted.
Take care and regards!
4444545 tn?1355227132
thank you for ur great suggestion by vinay hyderabad india
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