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kidney stones,now more

I have been struggling with the effects from kidney stones for the last six weeks.I had laser treatment through my utrehra( spelling) up through the kindey in then into the kindey the doctor blasted the stones they were 5 c.m.  and 4c.m some of the biggest stones my doctor has every worked on,She could not flush out the majority of the dust particals and the smaller stone remains because I was bleeding so much so she left a stent in. I had problems from day one, pain, bleeding vomiting,low grade fever, infection ect.. I ended up in the hosptial before week two started because of the stent and cried like a baby when she pulled it out.End of story, I wish, I had such pain and projectial vomiting , low grade fever that would come and go,flank pain ,and consitipation,  just like before,I once again ended up back in the hospital , after a day and a half of anti- nausea I V's and  a mophine pump for pain they reinserted a new stent,to my horror I was awake for this procedure, but I was surprized to find that it wasn't as painful as the removal process.I now have had this "new" stent in for almost three weeks, have been to the E.R just last night and now am being told that I might have a impacted bowel from being so consitipated for so long. I have another bladder infection and  now I'm suppose to see my reg.doctor for THAT this wed. I finally get the stent out on thursday morning and am so worried that the stones are still there!! have any of you gone though this much trouble with a stent or kindey stones? what did you do? did you get better? I'm at my rope's end!!! Thanks for any input, and please  pray for me on thursday, I';m sooo stressing!!
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