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kidney stones

I have a history of kidney stones dating back to 1981(approximately 8 visits to the hospital).  However, on my urinalysis somethings are very disturbing to me. Listed is Leuk Esterase, POC *trace. It also shows Squamous, Epith,POC (normal range 0-3,3-5) my range is listed as 3-5. The report also states there is a 5mm stone to the proximal right ureter with some mild to moderate hydronephrosis. Could you tell me what the Leuk Esterase, Squamous Epith and hydronephosis are.
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Hydronephrosis means that your kidney is a little swollen.  If your leukocyte esterase count is high, that probably means you have an infection and need anti biotics. kidney stones and infections do go hand in hand sometimes. Squamous Epitheal cells are the thin covering of your skin or blood vessels, that can also indicate a stone or infection.  Hope this helps
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