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kidney stones

I have had horrible pain and weight loss the past few months.was diagnosed with kidneystones. I have had these stones since april nd can't tolerate it anymore.Does anyone know of a way to get them movin?
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Drink lots to help flush out your system. I had a 6mm one that didn't move and had to be surgically removed. Good luck.
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I am interested to hear of your weight loss, I was diagnosed in November 2016 and I am still waiting to have them removed, as well as the weight loss I have had UTI's felt fatigued and can't walk far, also digestive problems, I am desperate to get them . It depends on the size and composition of the stones, how easy they are to get rid of them, home cures are Lemon and Olive Oil, and drinks loads of mineral water and avoid caffinated drinks. I am having Lithotripsy for mine
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