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kidney stones

Im new to this so bare with me......I had kidney stones about 2wks ago and was in a lot of pain with them in my left side, and groin,whilst i was at hospital they passed.The doctors decided for me to have another scan to make sure they had passed,i had no blood in my urine either but the last scan showed a small mass on my kidney,i have been having pain in my side,stomach,feeling tired,and pain at night like cramping sensations in my side and stomach.I am due to go back to hospital for another scan but am worried it could be something more serious.Any ideas what it could be?
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Has your doctor discussed with your the character of this "mass"?

Has  he/she mentioned if this is cystic or solid in character?

Was this noted before you have passed the stones?

I know you are highly anxious about this.At this point we can not tell for sure what this findings mean.Several times patients get to have a scan and a kidney mass or lesion is noted.Most of these patients are also asymptomatic.In your case, you have noted cramping pain sensation in your abdomen.It is best to discuss this with your physician as he /she may determine if the kidney "mass" may be causing the symptoms.Other differentials for your flank and abdominal pain may be the kidney stones and an underlying musculoskeletal pain.

Keep a positive attitude.Openly discuss your concerns with your physician and do keep us posted.
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