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kidney stones

I have a 14.20 mm stone in my right kidney which was removed by lithotripsy and now as per ultrasound report the kidney is clear and now it is two month since the treatment. But after two months still i have now a different pressure like pain at the right side (back side) due to this pressure i always feel anxiety and tiredness. When i walk or move around there is no pressure (pain) but when i sit or lay down the pressure feeling starts. Some times it feels that the right kidney is pumped with air and swell up. As per ultrasound report there is a minor hydronophrosis in the right kidney. Are there any more stones left in the kidney but not seen in the ultrasound? or there is any other reason of this pressure and dull pain?  
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How are you? For mild to severe pain not relieved by medication and persist after 2months, have this evaluated further by your  urologist for proper management.  In some cases, kidney stones may recur. It is recommended that regular follow-up with  your doctor to ensure that kidney stones are controlled and do not return. Additional tests such as  x-rays, blood tests, or urine analysis may be done.

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Wow that is a large stone.  What type of stone was it ?  Calcium Oxalate, Uric Acid ?


my largest was only 4.0mm . that was large enough to cause significant pain.
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