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My sonography report says as below
"There is mild to moderate hydronephrosis and hydroureter right side due to 8 mm calculus in right lower ureter about 1 cm proximal to the uv junction"

How much serious it is and pl. suggest, what to do next
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Stones less than size 4 mm in diameter usually pass off on their own. Stones between 5-10 mm may pass off occasionally but not always. You have developed hydroureter and hydronephrosis due to collection of urine above the site of obstruction. You must not ignore this as long standing obstruction can lead to damage to the kidney. The optimal approach for managing  ureteral calculi depends on several factors like the size and location of the stone, and the presence and/or absence of any associated medical co morbidities.  In a patient newly diagnosed with ureteral stone <10 mm and whose symptoms are controlled periodic evaluation with close observation may be advised. Medications to facilitate passage of stone may be prescribed. Please visit an Urologist and discuss about the treatment options that you have. Do keep me posted.
Best of luck and regards!
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