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medullary sponge kidney

Hello.  I have been diagnosed with msk and have been in a lot of pain and have had several lithotripsies over the past three years.  I have a new doctor due to insurance issues that says that there can be no pain if the stones are in the kidney.  Is he correct?  
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HI and you are not alone many of us with MSK have pain even when there are no stones i the ureters!!!  We actually have an MSK support group here on medhelp!  I want to encourage you to come and join us and learn about not only the causes for your pain but possible treatment options!  Do keep in touch and add me to friends and let me now how your doing!

Here is the link to the MSK forum I really hope to see you over there, I think you will find it the most helpful to you!!


Here is a link on medhelp to a health page I wrote on dealing with the pain:

Here is the link to all the Health pages for MSK and Urology,  There are some great resources and articles there.


Again, see you on the MSK forum soon!

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