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menstruation and fecal problems

hello, actually whenever i menstruate, i face problem in terms of fecal matters, for ex; if im menstruating i cant excrement properly.. i feel something strange in my bellly, or it even happened that though i felt the need to excrement, i couldnt and it altered my menstruation abruptly.. for exmple, i usually menstruate during 5five days, but this months ive menstruated only 1day and experienced that fecal problem.  Yesterday it was the last day of my menstruation and its only today  i could excrement, that after 3days.
i dont feel well because i know i didnt menstruate properly i feel its blocked deep inside of me
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What other symptoms are present? Fecal problems such as constipation is usually managed with increased fluid and fiber intake. Regarding your irregular menstruation, I recommend that you have this checked by your gynecologist for proper evaluation. There are many possible issues that may cause this including hormone changes, thyroid dysfunction, gynecological issues as well as underlying medical conditions that needs to be ruled out. Take care and do keep us posted.
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