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muscle spasm under upper rib cage

I am a fifty nine year old female. About four years ago I was reaching for something in a cubbard when I had a sudden severe muscle spasm (like a severe leg cramp) in my right upper stomach directly under my rib below my breast. The pain was so severe I had to lay very still before it finally went away and I was very tender in that spot for a couple of days. The pain continued every time I stretched from my right side.Now even bending to tie my shoes or make my bed causes the same severe reaction . this is on a daily basis. I have gone to see a nurse practitioner and she is sending me for an ultrasound to rule out an enlarged liver  and blood tests for hep c or b. I have no idea why she would consider this...any ideas ? This pain is severe enough that I can't do any work that requires stretching the right side of my body..and horrendously the career i have chosen and am in training for (Personal Support Worker) require that I do allot of stretching and bending.Please help me.
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OMG... i have had the exact same thing only on the left side. I also have no idea what it is!
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I went to the ER last night to get a quick strep test. It was negative, but because I have been really tired lately and have had a sore throat for 3 weeks, they did a mono test. I will know today. Funny thing is when I did research about mono, the spleen is right where my cramp is! And I get it when I bend over...probably putting pressure on it! Will let you know later what my findings are!
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i too have this same problem. It doesn't happen all the time, but it is whenever i am reaching for something. But i can be reaching to the left and the right side goes into spasm. Same it is so painful i cannot move. Gonna have to get to doc and see if he has any ideas??
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I just experienced the same pain on my right side. It feels just like a gall bladder attack, but subsides within 2-3 minutes. I thought it was my gall bladder the first time I had this, but I soon realized that it would happen when bending my upper body a certain way. Tonight, I actually felt a "glug-glug" when I straightened my body out to deal with the pain. All that I know is that this pain is intense!
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