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my friend has kidney stones and is 9 weeks pregnant will thos mean she will lose her baby

hi my friend has kidney stones and is 9 weeks pregnant she is in a lot of pain and has been bleeding is this a sign that she will lose her baby. she had a scan on monday 21st of september and the baby was fine and the women that did her scan said that the bleeding isnt coming from the baby or anywhere around the baby just want to put her mind at ease so shes not worring as much thanks
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Bleeding by blood in her urine or blood coming from the vaginal area?

I am not a doctor but a patient who has had many many stones as well as several pregnancies and even two home births so can only advice you
as a friend from personal experience.  I had kidneys stones with my pregnancies.  I was likely enough to pass the one and the others
they did not find till after my kids were born.  HOWEVER I also know
of several others who have had stones in pregnancy.

IF the blood is in her urine, that is not uncommon.  If is is vaginally that is a more serious issue and she should be seen by her OB right away.  With a kidney stone in pregnancy they may have to put in a stent and go after the stone once the baby is born.  If it is small enough to pass they will let it do so!  The biggest issue is pain control
and she will need to work closely with her doctors on this since
some meds are bad for the baby BUT too high constant pain levels
are too.  They may also put her on a low dose antibiotic to prevent infections since that is VERY likely with a stones anyway.

There are some things she can do to prevent infections naturally that are safe during pregnancy.  Drinking LOTS of water is crucial!!  Avoid
sodas, coffee etc.   If she does not have an irritated bladder she can drink cranberry juice.  D-Mannose is a powder that is the parts of cranberry or blueberry that keep bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall etc.  Of course in pregnancy even with supplements it is best to talk to your doctor before taking them!

NOW YOU MENTIONED THIS IS YOUR FRIEND-I would encourage you to be there for her and help her as much as you are able.  The toughest part is going to be that they won't be able to control the pain levels as much as if she weren't pregnant!  This is were a good friend
who listens and care can help her through.  I would also suggest
she got to a massage therapist. Many hospitals have them and they are more reasonable then a regular place. She could pretty safely go anywhere with a trained massage person.
Getting deep massage on her back etc to help keep her relaxed etc. can really help her get through!  

I hope that helps!

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