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my friend has nephroptosis,she has been treated terribly by her urologist, who literally told her she was mad , he refused to accept his parteners findings of the above condition and she is waiting on a second oppinion she has nausea, chills, lower right pain vomiting, lying down seems to help, but the main problem is at the minute, keep food down as soon as she eats its straight back up, is there any sugestions, of what sort of food she should eat, that may stay down more than others, theres no way she is going to gain wieght if she cant keep anything down, im worried the way she is retching she is going to damage the lining of her stomach any help would be great has we are at a loss as to what to do.

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Find a different doctor and take her to the ER if the vomiting doesn't stop.  There you will have a chance to talk about the concerns.  See if you can find a Nephrologist.  That's slightly different from urologogist and deals with kidneys and with things related, like diabetes that affects the kidneys.  When I had a bout of acute renal failure I saw a nephrologist for a while.
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Oh my such terrible terrible answers!!!! God Love Ya I know your pain all to well... I have had my kidney reattached twice the first time was at John Hopkins the 2nd at George Washington University both times by Dr. Jarrett. 1st fact this condition is caused by a weakening in a persons connective tissue there is no way to tell if you were born with it or if it happened... your weight has NOTHING to do with it!! 2nd you DO NOT SEE A NEPHROLOGIST YOU SEE A UROLOGIST!!! I'm not sure where you are from but put in your search criteria nephropexy that is the surgery to reaffix your kidney... Find a UROLOGIST that still performs this surgery they will see you and order a IVP while standing and lying and or a Renal Lasix Scan while standing...  3rd FACT is not all University Hospitals are worth the trouble if a doctor doesn't believe in this life changing procedure you are not going to change their mind it is easier to find the one doctor who does do it and travel 500 miles then to be aggervated going thru 10 doctors until you finally give up.  Good luck

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Would you happen to know of any doctors in Houston or TX area? I was told from lying ultrasound my kidney is low. Is there any MRI that can evaluate it better? I'm not to crazy about the radioactive tests given prior radiation exposure. Thank you, Margaret
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