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nutcracker syndrome

My daughter had an auto kidney transplant in June of 2008 due to nutcracker syndrome.  The surgery was successful but the pain traveled with the kidney.  Her surgeon warned us this happens in 50% of the auto transplants he has performed for unknown reasons.  My daughter has been on multiple drugs over the last two years during diagnosis and treatment and is currently on Lyrica and Percocet.  The Lyrica really seems to help her emotionally and physically but now I am worried about the continued use of drugs to alleviate her pain.  She says she would just like to have her kidney removed in the hopes the pain will vanish.  I, personally don't want this to be an option.  Do you have an opinion or suggestions for me?  This has been a long and winding road...
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Was wondering if you have had any luck resolving this problem. I hope and pray you haven't had to deal with this another 7 years.
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