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pain in legs related to kidney stones

I had a stone detected in my right kidney in the UV junction.My physician advised me to take a lot of water and after five days when i performed a KUB scan the stone had got removed but there was a mild swelling at the UV junction.
since then i have developed a mild pain in my right leg throughout the day and its been weeks but the pain has not gone..
please help me diagnose as to whether they may be related...
thanks a lot

with regards,
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This may be referred pain from the swollen ureter. I suggest that you have a follow up consult with your physician. For how long have you been having the pain? Has it been a month since your last ultrasound?

A repeat ultrasound may be done just to assess if the swelling is still present. You may also ask your physician for an appropriate pain reliever which could help alleviate the pain.

Continue adequate water intake and keep a balanced meal rich in fruits and vegetables. Also avoid any spicy food or any alcoholic beverage, and coffee for the moment.

Further follow up of the swollen area may be necessary so that proper management may be done. Although,  this may spontaneously resolve on its own.
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Thanks a lot for your reply ...Really thankful to you...
The pain in my legs has mostly gone now...its been a month since the stone got removed....I still however take around 2lit water in the morning to avoid problems....

I had a few questions regarding the diet changes that i need to do... i wanted to ask as to whether i should completely avoid spinach,cabbage ,coffee and tea???? do they cause stones?? what other speefic foods i should avoid??

Also my doctor had given me potassium citrate 1100 mg three times a day when i had stones...should i take this medicine further for another 2-3 months...or does it cause problems in the long run???

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just till yesterday my pain was not there but today it again started....
i mean the pain in legs and the lower back...

How much time does it take for the swollen ureter to return to normal....
i saw one of your posts and you had written that this basically can be hydronephrosis...

can this condition be present even if their is no stone in the kidney...is it too serious???

plz help me...thanks
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