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pain in right groin and right middle back

What could cause pain in the right groin and right middle back at the same time.  It does not go away no matter what I do or take for it.
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hi brandy,

based on your description, you might be having kidney stones. the best way to check that is to have your urine tested. once you have your test results, there might be additional imaging tests like xrays and ultrasounds to measure the size of these stones (if ever there are)

keep us posted. good luck!
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Thanks for the info.  I'll get it checked out.
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It does seem to me like you are having stones in the kidney.
The symptom of pain you have described is very typical of it trying to be expelled from the body.
Symptoms of kidney stones include colicky pain: "loin to groin". Often described as "the worst pain ever experienced."
Other symptoms could be blood in the urine, due to minor damage to inside wall of kidney, ureter and/or urethra.
Pyuria: pus in the urine.
Dysuria: burning on urination when passing stones.
Pain can also be accompanied with nausea/vomiting.
Clinical diagnosis is usually made on the basis of the location and severity of the pain, which is typically colic in nature (comes and goes in spasmodic waves).
Imaging is used to confirm the diagnosis and a number of other tests can be undertaken to help establish both the possible cause and consequences of the stone.
About 90% of stones 4 mm or less in size usually will pass spontaneously, however 99% of stones greater than 6 mm will require some form of intervention.
Also drink plenty of water to aid in easy passage of the stones.
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