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painful urinary stent removal

I have had kidney stones removed surgically on three occasions over the past ten years.  Each time the Dr. has left a stent in my urinary tract.  The first two times the stent had a string attached to it.  When the stent was removed it caused minimal discomfort.  The third time which was perfomed recently, the Dr. said he preferred not to attach a string to the stent.  I agreed, not knowing that I was agreeing to a procedure that was infinitely different from my previous experiences.  A week after surgery, I had the stent removed in the doctor's office.  No pain medication was administered.  The removal of the stent was one of the most painful events I have ever experienced.  Twice during the procedure, my bladder was filled with water.  This was also extremely painful.  
Is there justification for conducting such a procedure without measuires to abate the extres pain that it causes?
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I think the removal should be done in a hospital under meds. It is cruel and excruciating and i think each doctor should have it done then taken out in the most barbaric way they do to us.  I feel your pain.
I have a stent in me right now. my doctor had me come in a week after an eswal and a laser surgery 14 hours apart. i had a ct scan that showed that all is fine now and he refused to take the stent out until next week. i have been in more pain than has been when i had a blockage. I believe that this prolonged period is all about money.  You get 1 free appointment after surgery then he can bill for the removal and everything that he does during the extraction of the stent.  I think this is a crime due to the fact he didn't even see me after the ct scan. he sent in a assistant i had never met before and she was not very knowledgeble about my case. I am very dissapointed and pissed off at the mishandling my doctor has done with me. though i value him as the professional I wish he would have been more understanding about my need to remove this from my body.  Further more i cannot stand up for long periods of time. I have too much preassure and need to urinate too freequently. i hve called out from work because i stand up for 7 hours a day and need to keep on leaving my work and employers are understanding but  not thrilled. I am to have the stent removed on friday and i will never allow him to put one in again without a written agreement to have it removed in one week or i will sue.
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I have had two ops now for kidney stones.The first without a stent.The second with.I was told that the stent is to allow for free fow of urine as maybe the area operated on could become swollen.

I had a very miserable time with the stnt in place and I intend to discuss with the hospital the lack of information you come away with .

I am not sure about the money thing as in the UK we do not pay dirct.We pay a national Insurance.This covers all health care.A wonderful system.

Keep drinking water and lot's of it to anyone reading this and suffering from stinging urine,as to all the other nastys I have no answer.

Good luck to you all.

In my own case the removal was uncomfertable but not painful and over and done in a very short time.
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I have a stent in now. I am a 24'year old male that handles pain really well, but I all but cry every time I pee. I have sit down to pee cause the pain is so bad that my legs give out and I fall. The stent was part one of a two part precedure, but I was informed after stent placement that the lythotripsy was too much money and without insurance wouldn't be done. Now they won't even remove the stent. It's been at least two months and feels like a lifetime of cruel and unusual punishment. I HATE THIS. :-(
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Please drink a lot of water,it does help .

Good luck.
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Reference "painful urinary stent removal", permit me to add to PRINCPAL56's comments.  Just today I had a stent removed via a Cystoscopy (this is NOT the approach that uses a string to remove the stent; instead it "involves placement of a small flexible tube through the urethra").  I'm a 50 year old male who's had his share of injury and medical procedure.  The procedure I had today was, with no exception, the most unpleasant and painful experience of my life.  To anyone reading this community, if you are going to get a stent, inquire carefully about how it will be removed.  I wish I had.
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It is strange that we all have such different experinces.

When they removed my stent I watched it all on a screen on the wall that the Dr used,It really could not be described as painful.

Happy Happy day when the blasted thing was removed.
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