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possible kidney stones?

I am a 23 yr old male
this all started in the begging of aug. I was on prilosec OTC for 2 weeks and one night I awoke and had a weird "cold water dripping" sensation in my left kidney I can not recall if there was any pain but just that weird sensation. Anyways I shrugged it off and eventually went back to sleep. Well the next few days I had some testicle pain. Started to look up side effects of prilosec and found both testicular pain and kidney pain were rare side effects of the drug so i stopped taking it and thought nothin more of it.

This is also when I still smoke marijuana and every time I got high my kidney pain was pretty bad but I always just thought it was from the prilosec (this is while I was still on it)

Well later on I started having pain under the left side of my rib cage and even some pain and tingling on the right side of my rib cage. And even one time I was rushed to the er becuz it felt like my stomach exploded!

They took some xrays did urine test and blood test and said they found nothin wrong gave me some morphine and sent me on my way.

Well the pain wasn't goin away but was gettin a little better. Getting sick of the pain and often being stressed about it. I went to my doctor and they gave me some h2 blockers and antibiotics and took a upper gi xray where u drink that white goop. The doctors were convinced that it was a digestive problem. They could never find anything wrong.

There was a few more nights were my body just didnt feel right its very hard to explain and I thought of goin to the ER.

Well the doctor bills are piling up and they are not finding anything I went to the internet to this site and someone said  that they had a lot of the same problems i had and that the doctors did all that to them and found nothin but finally ran that dye kidney stone xray and found kidney stones.

I do not have insurance and the doctors continue to find nothin! I am currently on amoxicillin becuz I had brown yellow green mucus running down my throat for about 5 days. I am starting to feel better everywhere but the pain under the cage is still there but very minor. It is really promanate again after a night of drinking.

any suggestions?

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