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renal cycts

I have been told by my doctor that a ct scan showed that I have renal cysts. I am having severe vaginal and groin pain. I am also incontinent at night is there any help for this?
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I also have a renal cyst and I have stones as well. This causes me a lot of pain that can radiate through my back, into my groin/thighs, etc. The most amazing thing of all for the pain is HEAT. I swear by thermacare heating pads - the back ones wrap nicely around the kidney area and the heat reduces inflammation and pain. OTC pain relievers can actually do a good job of taking the edge off as well. As for the incontinence I'm not sure... I haven't dealt with that yet although sometimes I do start to feel like it's going to be an issue soon. Best of luck  to you!
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Not sure about the incontinence, but renal cysts DO cause pain. Not acute stabbing pain, mind you, but more of a dull, throbbing pain (3-4 on the pain scale, but ALL THE TIME).

Talk to your urologist about the possibility of removing them. It's a 50/50 shot as to whether or not it'll relive your pain, but I did it and it reduced my pain-level by a factor of 10.

If they're not operable, have your urologist refer you to a PM-doc (Pain Management Doctor). They'll be able to prescribe you some longer acting pain killers to deal with the long term chronic pain you're in for.

Good luck to you.

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