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renal rickets: Is it ok to have a kidney transplant? or any better option?

My son has been diagnosed of having a renal rickets. It happens because his kidneys are not functioning properly. He's on medication. He started walking at the age of three but still weighs 9kg. He is 4yrs and 3months now. I want to send him to school but cannot because he is so small and really thin, it's because of his disease. So, I told his pediatrician if its ok to have a kidney transplant coz the main problem is his kidney. Then the pediatrician said it's not possible. She did not tell me why, she just said that it's a lifelong disease. I'm thinking to see some more kidney specialists for some better options.
Does any of you knows about renal rickets and what is the best treatment for this.
I will really appreciate your advise.
Thank you so much.
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