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serious kidney infection need help asap

What are the signs of a serious kidney infection that went untreated for months. I think i might have one since how i have lower back and adbominal pain that feels like someone is stabbing me over and over and it is a 20 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst pain ever. I can barely get up and walk and i sleep all day long which is unusual for me i get up then and hour later i will be exhausted for no reason at all. Please help i want the pain to go away. I have had kidney problems since 2006 and i just started hearing about the yasmin birth contol pills causeing kidney problems so i was wondering if that could be the cause of my problems because i have went to a kidney specialist and they can not find out why or what is causing my problems. Cant they just do surgey and remove one of my kidneys?
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I am just out of the hospital with a severe kidney infection. They had to cut my kidney open and put a bag on to drain it. I really had no symptoms. I did throw up now and than and have a low grade fever very low and I guess now that you say it I was very tired... extremely. You really don't want to have a kidney removed this is not the answer. Good luck Cara
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I am a little confused, please bear with me.  The pain you describe is low back and abdominal, not kidney?  It is possible that it a uti or chronic cystitis, but if the issue was mainly kidney the pain would be
in a different area.  

Do you have any fever?  Does infection show up on the urine dipsticks they take at the doctor's office?

Do you have any scarring or kidney stones in your kidneys?

You can have infection that does not one standard tests.  This type of infection can be several things  but one of which is called a biofilm infection.  In a biofilm infection that bacteria attached to any foreign objects, like stones or stents or artificial joints etc.  Then they basically set up a fortress or in passable city and only slough off in small numbers not have enough in our urine test!!

HOWEVER IN YOUR CASE-I think you may being dealing with either chronic cystitis or Interstitial cystitis. These have very similar symptoms and the only way to know for sure is with treatment of long term antibiotics.  A GOOD uro is trained to know the difference.
The key is to call and ask them on Monday, if they treat chronic uti's or complicated infections.  Then at least look into to information on Interstitial Cytitis.

We have a group here on medhelp:

I am also an IC support group leader for MOARK IC.  You can pm me for more information on IC or Chronic Cystitis.

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