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simple cortical cyst right kidney....

Hi, my father always complain about the pain in his lower back and we dont know whats the cause of it. He had his Ultrasound yesterday to see if theres a problem inside his body. The result shows that he has a "simple cortical cyst in his right kidney". Now I dont know what does it means?? Whats the cause of it and what are the treatments need to be done??
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A cyst is defined as a membranous sac containng fluid. A simple renal cyst is a classification given to renal cysts that "appear round or oval... without infections, calcifications, septations or divisions of its walls.("http://www.aafp.org/afp/20010115/288.html)

How old is your father?

"studies indicate that almost one third of persons greater than 50 years old  have at least one renal cyst that is identifiable on a CT scan. Most of these lesions are benign simple cysts that require no further evaluation, intervention or urologic consultation."(http://www.aafp.org/afp/20010115/288.html)

If this is a simple renal cyst then this may not be something that you should be very worried about. In the absence of symptoms like urinary pain, change in urine character and significant findings in the urinalysis, simple renal cysts may be monitored through a repeat scan if the person becomes symptomatic.

In the case of your dad, a baseline urinalysis and urine culture may be done to rule out an underlying infection that may cause his back pains. If the back pain occurs and other underlying conditions like musculoskeletal or arthritic pain have been ruled out, then radiographic monitoring of the cyst after 6 months may be done.

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Hello there, thanks for the infos. Im just a bit worried for my dad coz he always complains about the pain. Hes turning 61 next month. All the result is normal and when we asked him if he has a problem when he urinates, no problem at all.
Anyway, thanks for the information, I really appreciate it. I just hope that everything will be fine with my dad before his birthday comes. :)
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I do understand that this may sound scary the first time. But simple renal cysts that do not present with symptoms usually need no further intervention. Just keep your dad's scan results for future reference and keep close communication with his physician .

Do keep us posted for anything.
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Thanks so much... I'll keep you posted as soon as we visit his doctor again..
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My uncle is having cortical cyst in his right kidney measuring 10.7x11.6mm. Please inform me about the treatment and measures to be taken.

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Hi Lacuesta,

My dads age is 47 as the symptoms below. He consulted a doctor and as diagnosed he found the in this RIGHT KIDNEY had a "SIMPLE CORTICAL CYST NOTED MEASURING 3.0cm.


1) Slight blood while urinating. (Now and then)
2) Have back pain from long time. (May be 2 - 3 months)

As he is a workaholic always he is tensed and angry, because of that he smokes a lot at least a pack a day..

Can you please explain me what actually this problem means and when this type of problem comes in kidney and how can we prevent/cure this...


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i have been told i have degenerative cortical kidney cysts,could someone please help and tell me what this means its driving me crazy?!!!
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I have been told that i only have one kidney functioning, the kidney that does not function has multiple cortical cysts on it (what are these?) and to add to that i am currently 16 weeks pregnant!!..i dont know how this affects me or the baby so could someone please let me know..also will it be ok to have a normal labour? Thanks very much, any info will be greatly appreciated!.:)
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Hi Vanessa Lacuesta,

My Mother-in-law age was 37.

Recently she had stones in her kidney and had a surgery.

In the recent Report, the status of the right kidney was,

110 mm .46*45*40mm -44cc well defined naechoic lesion noted in the right parapelvic region, 22*26 mm Cyst noted in the upper pole, 25*26mm, 32*24 mm Cysts noted in the mid pole.
Cortico Medullary differentiation maintained.
Pelvis and calcyes normal. No Hydronephrosis. No calculus.

Presently She was having Fever, abdomen pain , Rib pain frequently.

Could you please suggest what measures to be taken for cure her problem and also please tell us what was the report says exactly.

Thanks & Regards,
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my name is Anwar Saeed I leave in Pakistan. My right kindney 2.5cm simple cortical cyst in middle portion.please advise me tretment.my email;***@****
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