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sir , I have three stones in three different parts of my body first is in the gall-bladder {9mm} ,second in right kidney 7mm,third in distal part of left ureter 5mm ,is  their any possibilty it can go with medicines or laser treatment ? but not open surgery .
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Well the gall bladder hmmm I am not sure. The right kidney 7mm... where is it located? The 5mm in the distal ureter can be removed via cystscope easy procedure.. no biggie. Ok to go with meds you need to analyize the stone to find the composition and possibly meds. You are not in need of open surgery called a "PERC" you are not a canadite for open. Please at all costs try to avoid the laser as this will leave much dust and fragments that will than make even more stones. The 5mm can def. be removed the problem is the 7mm. It may be able to drop into the top of the ureter and the can take it out from there. Let me know the location on that 1. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE LITHOTRIPOSY THIS IS THE WOST METHOD BUT SOMETIMES THE ONLY METHOD FOR CERTAIN SONES. You must be in pain with the 5mm??? DRINK DRINK DRINK all the water you can. If you can stand on your head a the gravity will greatly help the stones move along. you need 24 hour urines and an analiyzed stone to find the reason you are making the stone thats top priority. Than you may be a canadate for meds. to prevent more stones from forming. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE....BEWARE OF LITHOTRIPOSYS NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU!!! Please post location on 7mm. Cara
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Now that the 5mm is in the ureter beware of becoming obstructed. You will know the pain. It is very painful and it actully may feel like the kidney is swollen. TC Cara
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