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strange problem with kidney spasms?

I am not sure if that is really kidney spasm, but it feels like kidneys are working much slower than they should work. The main problem is that I cannot urinate fully, because most of urine doesn't even get to bladder , it stays somewhere above.As a result,  I am feeling pressure there, and I feel dizzy and weak. It's horrible, it feels somewhat like being drunk. It keeps getting worse or better, I don't know why. I have few very small kidney stones (which are, according to doctors, not worth attention) and I think they are the cause. I take nospa, but not sure if it helps. Any tips what should I do, or can it be dangerous? Sorry for my not perfect English.
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Any physical obstruction to the flow of urine, such as a structural abnormality, kidney stone,  or the backflow  of urine from the bladder into the ureters increases the likelihood of pyelonephritis.If the kidney stones are causing obstruction to the urine flow you need treatment. You may need tests like blood work-up and ultrasound. Consult a nephrologist.I hope it helps.
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