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swollen abdomen

I am a medium completion guy in my late 30's//162lb/// 5'8"  that love to work out ...always fit
In June 2008 I suffered from Dehydration due to a heat stroke ...@ the hospital my renal function started to decrease and I was diagnosed with acute renal failure ///secondary to acute tubular necrosis//// secondary to rhabdomyolysis.
It took me several weeks to flush the myolosys out of my Kidneys....But @ the end my body reacted well to the treatment....I remember that @ 1 point my weight went up to 222lb (water retention)...but when I went home from the Hospital my weight was @ 140lb.....after 5 months and plenty of test (rennalscan twice--blood work --sono grams..ect) I recovered all my weight, my Kidney functions and my strength as well...but my belly looks and feels big...right by the umbilical section...sometimes it fells as a small Balloon....My doctors says it is part of my metabolism...my GI says that @ my age ... bellies start to grow (39)...more commonly in Persons that work out regularly .the most resent sonogram showed a normal gallbladder. No renal masses. Only a small echogenic focus on my right kidney
And I am really frustrated with the way my belly looks.....for a person that used to have a flat abdomen to a half belly.....I am worried this could be symptoms of something more serious..... I also noticed that on my left armpit-lately- (not on my right side-only on my left) there is a strong odor... and I have a disconfort type of burning pain on my upper back -right side-. also lately I have alot of arritmia.I've also suffered from Acid reflux for the last 4 or 5 years. I’m currently on Protonix 40 ML , and Norvac 5ml (for High blood pressure).
i hope someone  could help me manage this new me.
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