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trace protein with bubbles in urine

i was recently told by my doctor that there was trace protein in my urine. before this i had noticed bubbles in my urine that quickly disappear, could the trace protein be the cause of the bubbles? also i have had a long history of kidney stones could this be the cause of the trace protein in my urine? is this a serious sign of kidney damage that can lead to renal failure.? my doctor ordered a 24 hr urine and some blood teat, but my next appointment isn't until the end of the year. i feel very anxious about the bubbles  and the trace protein in my urine can anyone help me. also my dr put me on 10mg of benazapril she said this was to protect my kidneys, since my blood pressure sometimes runs a little high 130/85. can anyone give me some feedback? thank you
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YESS< bubble in urine can b from too much protein in your diet.  Kidney stones can be from too much protein in your diet.  and Yess, kidney damage can occur.  Change your diet, and cut out alot of the protein.  NO red meat, milk, cheeses, etc, etc.. eat lots of fruits and veggies, and DRINK water and cranberry juice alot..  GOOD luck
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hi..  traces...?   how much..?   sometimes its 2.0 g/dl  they call it a trace but if its 2.5  its not a trace its nephritic syndrome. and proteins in urine can produce bubbles.in my opinion u may have hypertensive kidney disease.  in easy words ur microvessels of kidney are sclerozed enough to cause proteinuria and complicated by stones.   best way to manage is to take BENAZAPRIL   which controls high blood pressure in turn saving ur kidneys. If with benazapril BP is not controled u can ask for some ACE INH or DIURETICS from ur GP.and then change ur diet and lifestyle  u will be amazed how much difference that can make.   hope u have a better life ahead.
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