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undignosed pain & kidney stones

i am a34yr old man I use to be a very fit active man, but for the past year i have had problems with low energy and always very tired and feeling weak.
I have been hospitalised a number of times with sever pain from my ribs to lower stomach and am on morphine and pethidine daily for the pain.
I have been treated once for kidney stones in ,my left kidney but this was not considered the source of all the pain at the time, i now have stones back  in both my kidneys  six months later and something i saw on my report along with the 4mm stones that said 7cm but i forgot to ask my doctor what it was as i had a injection at the surgery, i have been booked a emergency app at the hospital but i would like to know what could be 7cm on the left kidney.
Although i have gone undiagnosed for a year i would appreciate any feed back.
I also get problem with my bowl motions for diarrhea to normal stools and a lot of wind with no stomach ache that can leave me with a insecure feeling that sometime i don't want to pass wind IRS AND Chrones have been ruled out.
General symptoms can alter but are weakness in the legs, nausea, abdominal pain and rib cage pain to what sometimes feels like memory loss especially with spelling even before i started any medication,feeling weak and very tired a lot but on the odd day i feel great an full of energy. i have had a prostate screen and that is fine.

I would truly appreciate any feedback.

Thank you
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Wow, a 7cm stone would be quite large though not impossible. You definitely need to follow up with a good urologist!!

I would encouraged you to get copies of your report and read it carefully.  Were are all you stones?  Do youhave stones in the collecting ducts or Medullary?  I ask because we have an MSK support group here on Medhelp.  Medullary Sponge Kidney disease.  Many of us have
chronic unexplained pain at least by standard test.  One reason is that biofilm infections can set up with in and on kidney stones.  Most big stones are known as infectious stones but bacteria can build biofilms on small and calcium oxalate stones as well.  Feel free to pm for more information or links on Biofilm infection and kidney stones.

Here is the link to the MSK support group here.  Though you may not have MSK there is a lot of info on kidney stones, infection and chronic pain etc.

There are also some specific articles on MSK and pain in the health pages here:

There is a lot of good info in the health pages as well, here is the link f for all them:


Hang in there!!

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